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Women's summer fashion

                                    Women's summer fashion

Summer weather began, and the weather began to rise significantly, only a few days and officially begins the summer, so we decided to give you a complete guide to elegance and clothing in the summer to avoid annoying sweating and heat suffocation.

1. Loose clothes :
The looser your clothes, the better, because loose clothing means less cloth to stick to you and thus a better feeling of comfort, correct or not. A long, long, cotton dress is much better than shorts and a sleeveless shirt.
2. Clothes  with holes :
A type of fabric is characterized by holes, whether these holes are large or small; this type is very appropriate in the summer and helps to cool your body and keep the air to reach you perfectly.
3. Avoid the accessory too much
It is always best to use a few accessories in the summer. If you want to avoid heavy or long objects that will naturally touch your skin and can cause infections with sweat, it may increase your body temperature, especially if it is metal. About the use of accessories.
4. Lift your hair :
If you are veiled, the problem is solved, but if you are not veiled, I advise you not to leave your hair hanging on your shoulder; lift your hair from your neck and shoulder, and advise you to use it in a scarf and leave it for a while in the coolant before wearing it until you feel refreshed.
5. Light colors :
No one in the world knows that dark colors make the temperature rise, because it absorbs heat and radiation, so replace it with light colors that reflect the temperature, and make you feel refreshed and happy.


These are the most important tips to enjoy the best summer. Let the summer start With these 5 steps and advices .


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